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The Benefits of Fast Shipping Through a Local Courier

May 15, 2019 Courier

Over 50% of customers will cancel an online order if it isn’t promptly delivered.

If your company relies on the delivery of physical items, offering fast shipping is a necessity. You’ll maintain your customer satisfaction — and their purchases — with this simple inclusion.

But when it comes to fast shipping, traditional postal services drop the ball. Their blanket offerings are good enough for some providers, but your customers need slam-dunk shipping and same day delivery that a typical mail service cannot provide.

What’s the alternative to a standard postal service? Try a local courier. Here are just a handful of reasons why a local courier is the superior choice for your business’ delivery needs.

1. Reliable Delivery

Local couriers offer many features that standard postal services lack.

Since local couriers have a small bureaucracy and delivery chain, there are fewer handoffs during the delivery process. Your parcel will change hands less often, so there’s less room for errors and missing or delayed packages.

Since local couriers are small companies with smaller warehouses, items are less likely to go missing or become damaged as they’re processed or stored in the facility.

In addition to a smaller chain of command, many local couriers also offer sophisticated package tracking.

Tracking software keeps local couriers reliable, accountable, and can provide you peace of mind. You can watch the package tracker like a hawk in case an important delivery goes awry. Or you can go hands-off and rely on email notifications to inform you of successful deliveries.

2. Flexible Convenience

Unlike standard postal services, local couriers operate during convenient hours.

And by convenient hours, we mean hours that are convenient for you and your business. Many couriers offer 24/7 delivery and can deliver items that traditional postal services might not. Late hours are especially helpful when you offer same day shipping.

You certainly won’t see a traditional postal service driving around after dark. These convenient operating hours will serve your business no matter what you’re selling. Has a customer ordered something around 5:00 p.m.? They’ll certainly be thrilled to have the package delivered before bed.

This kind of convenient customer service helps retain customers and spread positive buzz for your company.

3. Fast Shipping

Few traditional postal providers offer same day shipping. For those that do, the option is generally only available for customers who order their items before noon. But with local couriers, they specialize in same day shipping and often have their own sophisticated delivery networks that standard postal services can’t maintain.

These specialized networks can help serve legal documentation or squeeze your item onto the last flight of the night. Local couriers also employ white glove delivery services. If you’re concerned about choosing a local courier, just look for the qualities that make a great courier service.

4. Reduced Liability

As a small business owner, you want to know your packages are insured. Since courier services are fully insured, you can rest easy knowing that if anything happens to your parcel — knock on wood! — that you’ll be compensated for the item’s worth.

Reduce your risk and liability by entrusting your parcels to a local courier service. If an important shipment was lost or damaged in the hands of a standard postal service, you’ll be hurt for the difference. And small businesses need all the help they can get. It’s not worth the risk.

Standard postal services typically only offer very limited insurance policies that extend to no more than $100 to $200. Some popular postal services even require you to pay extra for their measly insurance plans.

5. Lower Costs

Local couriers provide cost-saving opportunities. For one, you can streamline your costs with automated sorting, since a same day delivery service can reduce the stockpile in your warehouse.

If you only use a local courier only when it’s absolutely necessary, you don’t have to worry about keeping a personal delivery driver on call. Courier services already provide some of the most cost-effective solutions, with extremely competitive prices that match those of their standard postal competitors.

Same day delivery services can even increase your margins by allowing you to charge more for the convenience of fast shipping.

6. Environmental Impact

If you or your company has a green thumb, you can rest assured that local couriers are the greener choice for your delivery needs. When traditional postal providers offer expedited shipping, such as through Amazon, their delivery vehicles are not optimized for space. This means more vehicles are required to deliver the same amount of boxes.

Amazon is also inefficient in that they use independent contractors to handle their expedited shipping needs.

These drivers are on the road for longer stretches of time and distances, since they must first head to the warehouse to pick up the parcel in question before making the delivery.

These small inefficiencies add up to a significant release of carbon dioxide.

Local couriers are the most efficient. From their local warehouse to the customer, your item is on the road for the least amount of time possible, saving money and the environment.

Need a Local Courier Service?

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