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Streamlining the shipping process is often one of the trickiest parts of the ecommerce world. Any number of problems can crop up between the purchase and delivery of the final product. In fact, poor delivery services is a concern for online shoppers. According to a 2014 study, 19 percent of consumers complained about late arrivals. One out of 10 said their delivery was left outside without their permission, and 12 percent said their order never arrived at all. Are you looking for an easy way to ensure your packages arrive at their destination? Consider using a Connecticut courier for your shipping needs. Keep reading for six reasons why you should schedule your deliveries online with a local courier.

1. You Can Streamline Your Entire Delivery Process

Knowing exactly when a package has to arrive can streamline your entire logistics process. That’s because couriers need a firm pick-up time for every shipment. When that hour arrives, you know your goods need to be ready to go out. Working against firm pick-up times can help you prioritize each task that goes into a shipment. Connecticut¬†Couriers are also more likely to work around your particular demands than another shipping service. If you need to keep odd hours or you have particular shipping needs, a courier can help.

2. Scheduling Reduces the Risk of Package Theft

Package theft is a big concern, especially during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it’s becoming an increasingly common trend. According to CNBC, one in 10 U.S. adults say they’ve had a package stolen. The problem is especially severe in rural areas, where thieves can approach houses without worrying about nearby neighbors spotting them. In many cases, consumers blame retailers for not doing more to prevent theft. Some requested that companies provide more discreet packaging or online GPS tracking to cut down on stolen deliveries. Others said retailers should provide package theft insurance to protect them if their delivery is stolen.

All of those solutions can mean big investment on your part. One of the easiest–and most affordable–ways you can prevent theft is to schedule a delivery time for your package. That way, you can be sure the recipient will be home to receive their delivery. Providing a firm time window for deliveries is more convenient for consumers, too.

3. You Can Schedule a Pick Up During Odd Hours

Sometimes you need to send a package out after business hours, on the weekend, or during a holiday. At those times, other shipping services aren’t likely to be a big help. Couriers, however, are nearly always available for a pick up. If you need to schedule a pick up at midnight on a Sunday, chances are your local courier will be up to the task.

This works well for unplanned emergencies, but some businesses rely on being able to ship goods any time of night. If you have equipment that needs to arrive before the first shift begins at a factory, for example, a Connecticut¬† courier can help. Scheduling your odd hour deliveries ahead of time can help you make sure they’re not forgotten.

4. Save Money on Your Shipping Costs

Couriers can often provide better, more personalized shipping services at a better price point than larger companies. If you try to schedule a last-minute shipment with another service, they’re likely to charge you a premium price. Couriers, on the other hand, build their business on handling rush shipping. They can tap into their existing network to move your delivery as fast and efficiently as possible.

Couriers can even handle bulky shipments or packages with special care instructions. Scheduling your shipments online also means you don’t have to maintain a staff or vehicles to move your goods. Outsourcing your logistics can save you time, too. Most online couriers offer free price quotes before you agree to ship with them. That way, you can compare services before you choose a service for your shipping needs.

5. A Local Courier Can Protect Your Urgent, Sensitive Deliveries

If you’re sending an urgent delivery that absolutely cannot be lost–think contracts and legal documents–you should schedule services with a courier. That’s not the only time a courier is a better choice than a big shipping chain. If you’re sending particularly valuable goods, you can cut down on the number of people handling your package by using a courier. Instead of sending it through a large logistics chain, you can trust one company to get it where it needs to go. Delicate goods benefit from that, too. And, when it comes to shipping perishable goods, a courier can make the difference between a package arriving fresh or a little past its expiration date.

6. You Can Really Rush a Delivery by Using a Local Courier

Countless online retailers offer free or reduced two-day shipping for their customers. Couriers can do them one better. They offer scheduled, two-day, and same-day shipping. For the truly rushed, most couriers even offer same-hour delivery to clients. That could be a huge plus if you’re dealing with time-sensitive materials. Legal documents that need to arrive in a courtroom as soon as possible, emergency parts deliveries, and business contracts featuring last-minute changes could all benefit from the speed of a courier. If you need a package to get to its destination as fast as humanly possible, schedule it with a courier service.

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