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No Shipment List- 5 Items You Can’t Ship in the Mail

April 2, 2019 Courier

No matter how savvy our technology may be, there are certain things that you just can’t send through a text. That’s when you have through a shipping service to have the job done.

For the most part, you can pretty much send anything you want through the mail. The possibilities are as big as what you can fit in the box – and in some cases, you don’t even need the box. As long as you can pay, it can ship.

But did you know there are certain items that you just can’t ship, no matter what?

It’s true. There’s a shipment list of items that cannot be carried through a delivery service. Some may be too risky to move around, some may have have your identity stolen, and some may downright throw you in jail.

Let’s have a look at some of these items, shall we?

The No-Go Shipment List

Knowing what can’t be shipped could save you time, money, and even your credibility. Read on to see what items have to stay at home.


Yes, we know that this is “‘Merica”, but you cannot go around shipping ammo to your friends.

Weapons in general are heavily scrutinized by the government, which is another matter in and off itself. In most cases, you aren’t even allowed to walk around with a weapon on your person or even on your own property.

If that’s the case, did you really think you could ship ammo around the U.S.?

Keep yourself from having a hefty fine slapped on you – or worse, getting jail time – and don’t ship any ammunition.

Of course, while we’re on the subject of ammo, we might as well talk about…


As we’ve just said, weapons are a sticky subject in politics. But despite all that’s happen in the government, you should know that you can’t personally ship any weapons around the U.S.

By “weapons”, we mean anything that can be used to harm someone or something, even a non-living structure like a house or car.

That means we aren’t just talking about guns, but knives, crossbows, clubs, tasers, pepper spray, and anything else that falls under the category of a harmful device.

“But what about those online weapons companies?” you may ask. “How come they get to ship their goods?”

The short answer: those companies have clearances that you as an individual do not have, and because of that they can ship to most, if not all, areas in America.

Don’t try to be like them and ship a gun to your Uncle Leroy’s house. We can promise you it won’t end well.

Any Means of Payment

There was a time when you could ship cash to your friends with no problem. Now, times have changed.

It’s illegal to ship any form of actual money throughout the U.S. This includes (but is not limited to): currency, coins, stamps, credit cards, gambling devices, and other money instruments.

This is mainly to protect you and your identity. If you have to give money for any reason, you’re at risk of having it stolen before it even reaches the destination.

That means that certain someone will never get paid, which is bad if you have a bill due.

It’s even worse for you if you send a credit or debit card. Whatever crook gets their hands on it will spend your card until you go into debt – and that’s the last thing you need.

There are many forms of e-commerce companies such as PayPal that can help you send cash to others in an instant, and they’re much more secure to use. Why not give those a try?

Perishable Food

Out of all of the things on this list, this one may be the most harmless…or is it?

Sending perishable food items is no good for a couple reasons. The biggest of these reasons is that it will most likely be expired by the time it gets to the receiver.

Perishable food can only last so long outside of a refrigerator before it expires. The length of time that it can last varies based off of things such as the temperature of the cargo cabin, the type of food, and the travel time.

All of those things considered, there’s a very good chance that the food will have perished before they get to their destination, and your friend will be very unhappy at the batch of smelly, dead fish you sent them.

Perishable food is also much more likely to catch any airborne diseases while it travels. That means even if the food looks edible, it could still be contaminated, and you could get your friend sick as a result.

Your best bet is to hold off on sending any perishable foods and try to set up a dinner date instead.


OK, first question: why do you have poison? Second question: why do you want to ship it?

There are few things that sound fishier than shipping poison to someone across the United States, but even if you were considering doing that, guess what? It’s illegal.

There’s a good chance that the items in the container could become airborne during the trip, which means it could contaminate the other items being shipped. You could end up accidentally poisoning many people as a result.

The best thing is to just leave your case of poison at home. If your friend really needs bug or rodent poison (that’s what we hope it is) badly enough, they can buy it themselves at a convenience store.

For When You Need It Shipped ASAP

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