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How to Save the Day With Same Day Logistics

January 14, 2021 Couriersame day logistics

Increased technological capability and consumer demand have put pressure on companies to offer same-day delivery.

But, rest assured, same day logistics doesn’t have to be a complicated process if you choose the right company to partner with. 

Same-day logistics isn’t just reserved for giant corporations. Any business or individual, however small, can provide and utilize such a service if they partner with the right courier firm. 

Let’s explore this in more detail…

A Few Background Facts

According to the latest data, the US same-day delivery market is set to grow by 9.3 billion between 2020 and 2024

The lion’s share of same-day delivery is between businesses and consumers (B2C) at 63%, with business to business (B2B) at 23% and consumer to consumer (C2C) at 14%.

The reason B2C takes up such a large segment of this market is likely because of the rise in online sales.

Today’s businesses are increasingly responding to this demand from consumers and companies alike by making same-day logistics part of the operational plan.

For example, just over 51% of retailers now offer same-day delivery, and this is likely to increase to more than 65%. Customers expect this level of service, with 88% stating they’re willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery services. 

Defining Same-Day Logistics

We’re talking here about a shipping method in which your customer orders an item (often online) that is eligible for same-day delivery.

Imagine they order at nine in the morning, and the order is fulfilled and delivered on the same day by a professional courier service. Sometimes this service can be more limited on holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

It’s also a shipping method that can be used by individuals who need to send and receive letters, documents, and other items on the same day. 

The Benefits of Same Day Logistics

Just based on the statistics we showed above, we can see that there are multiple benefits to your business if it offers same-day logistics. Here are just a few:

You Stand Out Against the Competition

Same-day logistics makes you a more attractive option to your customers. This is especially true if they’re comparing you to your competitors who aren’t providing same-day delivery.

It Lowers Your Shipping and Inventory Costs

Given that the USPS regularly ups its costs each year, it makes it more challenging for businesses to keep a hold of their budgets.

Larger shopping companies (we know who they are!) charge more, whereas a more localized company that can still ship to large geographic areas can cost your business irrespective of the amounts you’re sending. 

On top of that, you’ll also see a decrease in your inventory costs. Namely, because your products are spending less time in the warehouse, so you face fewer storage costs. 

You’ll Provide Better Customer Service

If you’re meeting demand, you’ll satisfy, if not exceed, your customer’s expectations. As such, you’re far more likely to put a smile on their faces, which often equals excellent reviews and better engagement with your products. 

It Increases Efficiency

If you’re able to transport documents from one destination to another, it not only sets you apart from your competitors but gains you the reputation as a reliable and fast company.

You want to be known as a brand that gets things done, and same-day logistics could be an essential part of cultivating this reputation.

You Can Save Time in Emergencies

Not only do your customers have to wait less time, and it takes you less time to fulfill an order, but if you provide businesses and customers with same-day logistics, you could be helping them to react quickly.

For example, if you deliver life-saving medication for a hospital/patient or you deliver essential documents that need signing on behalf of law firms. 

How Does Same Day Delivery Work? 

Consumers can buy goods with one click, sit back and wait for their goods to arrive. But what goes on in the background? Let’s pull back the curtain and take a peek. 

The Order

If it’s an online order and the customer has popped their order into their basket, checked the same day delivery option, and paid for their order, several things happen.

Assuming the payment is taken, i.e., it’s not fraudulent, an order confirmation email is sent to the customer. This same order is also emailed to the warehouse. 

The customer can see their order number, what they’ve bought and for how much, their billing and shipping address, how they paid, and what the shipping method and price will be, alongside an estimated delivery time. 

Notably, there will be a tracking number so the customer can see where in the supply chain their order is. This also applies if, for example, it’s not an online order but delivery of a letter/important documents and so on. 


Orders are picked, packed, and delivered in distribution centers. There are different processes involved in order processing, depending upon what goods you’re handling.

This is important because, for example, some products require a manual method. This not only takes longer but can cost more. Once the package is picked, a packing slip is printed before packing and picked up by the courier service. 

Parcel Sorting and Doorstep Delivery

Your same-day logistics courier picks up the order from the distribution center and delivers it to the local sorting center, where the order is scanned and becomes part of the courier’s delivery roster. 

After this, the parcel leaves the sorting center after it’s been sorted, scanned, and loaded to the delivery vehicle (truck, bike, car) and taken to its shipping destination. 

Ready to Start Using Same Day Logistics?

So now you know all about same day logistics and how it can save the day for your business or organization.

If you’re an individual rather than a business, same-day delivery is also possible for essential items you need to get across town or further. If you’d like to find out more about how we could help with this, get a free quote today.