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Go Green: 7 Tips to Eco Ship

August 20, 2019 Courier

Ever thought about moving your business to an eco-friendly infrastructure? It’s not only to save the environment – it’s profitable too. 66% of consumers spend more once they realize the products come from a sustainable company

You don’t have to make a huge leap at once. Start small, like practicing eco ship methods. These green shipping tips can help in reducing your carbon footprint. That way, you’re doing your part in slowing down global warming.

Are you ready to learn about eco shipping? If so, read on and find out more today.

Eco Ship Tips

Around 141 million Americans live with unhealthy air pollution levels for two years. It’s due to the worsening levels of ozone pollution. It’s a country-wide problem, and it’s affecting the temperature in a lot of ways.

That’s why you need to practice the following eco ship tips to help alleviate pollution. Here are some tips to reduce your carbon footprint while shipping.

1. Use Recycled Content for Packaging

There are a lot of certifications used to ensure that the box materials are friendly to the environment. All paper will come from trees, meaning you need to use boxes that come from forests with sustainability as their primary concern. To know this, you need for the Forestry Stewardship (FSC) certification for the packaging.

The triangular chasing arrow logo will tell you the percentage of the box’s recycled contents. Another thing you can look for are packaging with green adhesives and inks. Often, recycled boxes will have this feature already, but it’s always worth checking.

It’s important to take note that using green packaging can come at a premium. For example, the average recycled box will cost about 30% more than the normal ones. It’s still a great investment, especially when you’re thinking about the world’s future.

2. Use Green Filling Material

Styrofoam is the most common standby used for insulating products against abrasive forces as well as extreme temperature. The problem is that it’s dangerous to the environment when not handled in a proper way. It’s a petroleum-based product, meaning it’s not made from sustainable materials.

Also, styrofoam’s manufacturing process will also make a lot of waste. That’s why you need to use alternatives like corrugated inserts made from fibrous blocking materials. There are a lot of bio-materials out there that you can use as fillers.

The prices will depend on the type of box. The good news is that biodegradable fillers have comparable prices to the traditional packing peanuts. For example, you only need to pay $2 more to buy a 20-cubic foot bag of organic starch cushioning instead of its industrial counterpart.

3. Keep Sizes in Mind

If you decrease the size and volume of your packaging, you’ll end up using fewer materials. It will also take up less space while in transit. This improves your carbon footprint and contributes to the environment.

Using compact packaging will help improve your bottom line. It cuts the material costs while speeding up the marketing process. It ensures that your packages get delivered fast at increased numbers per trip.

4. Find a Green Shipper

With the use of the internet, you can search for companies that practice environmental shipping. A simple Google search can yield some companies lauded for their contributions to the environment. But if you want to get the best data, you can check the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This agency has a SmartWay Program that helps you find transportation companies with low emissions. The program tracks its certified members for everything. This will include proper tire inflations to delivery vehicle idling.

You can check the SmartWay Program’s page every Monday afternoon. EPA updates the information of their freight shipping partners. They sort it into rankings, meaning you’ll only get the best of the best.

5. Schedule Pickups

It’s more friendly to the environment if you arrange for a package pickup instead of driving to shipping offices. It’s due to the fact that delivery trucks are already on the road making their rounds. Most delivery service rounds are fuel-efficient, making it easy for companies to give their parcels to regular delivery personnel.

The USPS often picks up packages without any charges. Depending on the shipping company you use, the rates can vary. Some companies will have fixed rates regardless of the circumstances.

6. Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Even the greenest shippers can still leave an environmental footprint. But you can always buy offset credits to make your shipments carbon-neutral. For example, your shipping company might add a few cents to all packages so they can raise funds for renewable energy sources.

Some companies will allow you to track the packages for its environmental effects. For example, it will show you some transport details like vehicle type and transfers. This will allow you to know the amount of Carbon Dioxide used to make the shipment possible.

7. Make a Return Plan

Shipping more goods using online methods will often cause you to get a higher number of returns. It’s critical to make a return plan that will take the environmental effects into consideration. After all, the traditional method is to optimize the monetary aspect alone.

In some cases, processing returns is irresponsible to the environment. The main reason is due to the amount of fuel used. Sending products back will make more pollution, so it’s better to destroy the defective goods instead.

This is especially important if you’re trying to replace less valuable items. This will help prevent pollution from happening since there’s no need for return shipments.

Start Eco Shipping Today!

Hopefully, these eco ship tips are helpful in transforming your business. Using green practices will help in eliminating more pollution and maintain our planet. Don’t hesitate to start doing these since even small steps can help benefit the world for the sake of future generations.

Still feeling a little nervous about shipping methods? Do you need help shipping your items? If so, message us here and we’ll help you out.