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How To Find the Right On Demand Courier for Your Business

December 6, 2017 Courier

on demand courier
on demand courier

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new and approved ways to appease your customers. Finding new ways to improve reliability, speed and convenience are a top concern. These are all the traits today’s consumers look for in a brand. And if you’re able to provide it all within your budget, even better. One way you can achieve this is to offer same day delivery services. This is possible when you work together with an on demand courier.

Doing so can benefit your business no matter the industry you’re in. Let’s a take a closer look at the various reasons why you may need an on demand courier service. Then we’ll go into what you should look for in a courier.

Why Does Your Business Need an On Demand Courier?

There are many ways you can make use of a courier. For example, if you’re in the retail business, you may have customers who need an outfit delivered right away for a fashion show or party.

If you’re in the legal business, you can have an important document hand-delivered the same day. And it’s not just packages you can have delivered.

You can also use this service for luggage delivery.

Now that you see the benefits of using an on demand courier, let’s review how you should select the right one.

Here’s a review of the traits your courier should have.

A Great Reputation

There is one reason why reputation matters – it shows proof a business knows what they’re doing (or not). Before you hire a courier, make sure to check out their reputation.

You can do this online by searching for their brand on Google. Look for reviews and ratings from past customers. If you see no reviews at all, this may be a bad sign.

Using a new courier without an established reputation means your business is now the guinea pig to test their services. Your reputation relies on this, so it’s better to go with a courier that’s proven their quality.

Guaranteed Security & Reliability

The last thing you need is for one of your packages to arrive late or end up stolen. Your goods are precious and should be treated as such. Make sure the courier you hire guarantees security and on-time delivery.

Again, you can use online reviews to gauge the reliability of a particular courier. Also, check to see if the business and its drivers are licensed, bonded and insured. This way, if anything happens to your package, you’re reimbursed.

Speedy Delivery

This is especially important if your deliveries are very time-sensitive or if you occasionally have orders that are. Ask the on demand courier about their policies for deliveries.

Do they offer same-day, overnight and two- to three-hour emergency delivery options? It’s good to work with a courier that offers multiple delivery packages.

Professional Appearance

Although the courier you select doesn’t work for your company, they do represent your brand. You don’t want to send couriers to your customers who look unprofessional.

For instance, avoid a courier service that uses untrained workers. There are plenty of courier apps that allow consumers to download and use to earn extra money on the side. It’s better to work with a courier that has a team of trained professionals.

Their communications and appearance should both be professional. This includes having a company truck or vehicle with a logo and branded t-shirts or uniforms.

Overall, you want a courier that’s neat and clean.

Special Needs Services

Say you’re in a business with over-sized products. Can the on demand courier accommodate your package? Or what if you have a hazardous or fragile package that requires speedy delivery?

What about loading and unloading services? Get this all figured out well before the time comes to have your goods delivered.

If you need air freight delivery to an international customer or luggage delivered from the airport to your hotel or home, they should be able to provide this.

Pre-Scheduled Deliveries

Not all deliveries are emergency or last-minute. You may have advance knowledge of packages that need delivery to your customers. In this case, you need a courier that can pre-schedule deliveries.

They should arrive on time to pick it up and get to the destination when you need it. This will make it less stressful for you and your clients.

Great Communication

Once the courier picks up your package, you should be able to get in touch with the courier services to track your package. You should also receive a confirmation of delivery.

Some services will text or email the confirmation automatically. This is essential to ensure you have proof of delivery in case a customer says otherwise.

And it gives you peace of mind in knowing your package is on track to an on-time delivery.

Competitive Rates

Obviously, you want a courier that’s going to offer rates that are within your budget. Courier services are typically more affordable than shipping companies, so you’re witnessing savings either way.

Trying to get a same-day delivery from traditional delivery sources is expensive and a hassle.

As you shop around for an on demand courier, get quotes and match it to the quality of the service provided. You don’t want to go to the cheapest provider for the sake of price alone. Going this route may leave you with a courier that’s sub-par.

Find a Quality On Demand Courier

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time search for a courier. These tips should make it easier to find a quality service.

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