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instant delivery

Amazon sells over 353 million products to its 310 million active users. These users typically receive their items through either fast or instant delivery.

The “Amazon effect” has created a culture of people who no longer expect things to come within three to five business days. Delivery should be as close to instantaneous as possible for the customer to be truly satisfied. In fact, 43% of customers expect companies to deliver more quickly in 2018 than they have in the past.

However this phenomenon is not only affecting customer satisfaction, but it also has an influence on their purchasing decisions. Keep reading to learn more about how delivery preferences can affect sales.

The Amazon Effect

There is no doubt about it, Amazon has changed the shipping industry forever. From customer expectations to the country’s delivery truck population, “the Amazon effect” can be felt all over the world of deliveries.

One of the largest effects was the types of orders people are getting shipped to them. What was once predictable has become uncertain. People order sets of items that are completely unrelated, changing how shipping companies have to think about deliveries.

They also increased how many delivery trucks are out on our roads. Trucking already made up a large percentage of deliveries, but that has grown exponentially thanks to Amazon.

Then, of course, there is the potential future of drone deliveries. These are still a ways off, but they are proof that the Amazon effect will continue to influence our lives for a long time.

How To Take Advantage of Impulse Buying

If your business starts to utilize fast delivery systems, you will be far more likely to take advantage of impulse buying from your customers.

If a customer can get a product now, they are far more likely to go ahead and purchase it than to wait. If they’ll have to wait on receiving the package, they will more than likely wait on purchasing the product.

Take food items for example. If a customer is craving one of the food products that you sell, they will want to get that product as soon as possible. If they have to wait to get it, they will probably tell their stomach to wait too, and then you just lost an impulse purchase.

Toys and luxury items work the same way. If a person has a strong desire for an item and they have the possibility of receiving that item that day or the next, they will often give in to their desires and purchase the product.

Without instant delivery, you may risk not getting to reap the benefits of these impulse purchases.

Less Risk of Order Cancellation

How often have you made a large purchase, and then second-guessed yourself and canceled the order before it shipped?

This practice is actually quite common if there is enough time between placing an order and delivery. This is unfortunately bad for sales, but there are ways to avoid this risk.

If a customer orders something with the standard shipping rate of three to five business days, they may actually get cold feet and cancel their order in that particular window of time. With instant delivery, you eliminate much of the risk of cancellation.

This is especially helpful to companies who sell more expensive products or who sell a lot of bulk products. These large purchases can cause customers to pause and reconsider if they are given the time to do so. Instant delivery removes that time completely.

The sooner you get your product out to your customer, the sooner they will be satisfied, and the less likely they will be to cancel an order.

Where Do the Delivery Fees Come In?

96% of customers claim that having the option of free shipping affects their decision of whether or not they will purchase a product. 73% say that this option has a great impact on these types of decisions.

Free same-day delivery will eventually become what all customers expect, and it is certainly already what they want.

It is not yet necessary to provide this service, but it might be sooner than you think. However, you may be surprised to learn about the benefits of offering free same-day shipping.

Cheap or free same-day delivery does more than just catch a few impulse buys, however. Offering these services can actually increase the volume of orders from customers.

If people know that they can get their products instantly without any additional cost, they will often order as much as they can afford to buy. These services get people excited about having their desired products in their hands quickly, so they go ahead and order more.

These order increases may seem like a fantasy, but they have been observed by several companies who dropped their fast delivery rates. Once they added a cheap or free same-day delivery service, their orders increased exponentially.

Get Instant Delivery in Connecticut!

Instant delivery is the future of delivery services. More and more people will be requesting that your business utilize these services and offer them to customers for low or no cost to them. It’s time to get on board.

We hope that this guide to fast delivery systems has been helpful to you. If you’d like to learn more about our instant delivery services in Connecticut and surrounding areas, you can contact us to get a quote for our courier service.


Courier service jobs are a growing part of the gig economy that is empowering modern day workers.

There are a number of reasons why someone might consider courier service jobs to expand their freelance portfolio, or make the switch to working for themselves.

Working for yourself isn’t easy no matter what method you choose. But the reason courier delivery jobs are so appealing to people who are looking to branch out, comes down to one word: freedom.

To learn more about how a courier job could change your quality of life, keep reading.

Freedom to Set Your Income

In a traditional job, you are told your worth by those who employ you. Making your monthly bills means finding a job that provides for you.

If you’ve worked in a position for some time, and decide it’s time for a raise because of any number of scenarios like growing your family or increased debt, there is no guarantee you will get it.

When you work courier jobs you determine how much work you can handle and how much income you make.

This puts you at the center of your destiny.

Freedom to Self-Manage

Another freedom that couriers experience is the freedom to self-manage.

Who hasn’t been in a situation where they are being micro-managed by a mid-level shill breathing down their neck?

For people who don’t do well in heavily managed environments becoming a courier is a trade that doesn’t require much in terms of unique skills or training.

Courier jobs can be a full-time income or a part-time way to make extra cash.

When you manage your own workday you have the freedom to adjust based on your needs.

Another bonus is that you don’t have to rely on others to get the job done. Quite the opposite, it’s a great job for those among us who prefer to work alone.

Food delivery courier jobs translate well to those people who are career hospitality workers.

In those jobs, career people might feel let down or put out by high-school aged workers who don’t show up for shifts or don’t yet know how to be a good employee.

This puts more stress on “lifers” who are just trying to get the job done to a high standard of quality and get paid.

In a self-managing role like a courier job, if you’re upset with the quality of work you have no one to blame but yourself. This is appealing to some people who, quite frankly, don’t do well working in diverse groups.

Freedom to Be Yourself

We’d like to think we’ve come along way as a society, as far as acceptance is concerned, but the corporate world still has a ways to go.

In a business climate where being “too unique”, “too confident”, “too female”, “too ethnic”, “too blue collar”, “too millennial” or any other number of “too’s” can give you whiplash from hitting the glass ceiling, it’s refreshing to be able to work for yourself and make money.

After all, America was founded on bootstraps stories, the likes of which are hard to come by today.

Individuals looking to create their own story and wealth only have to look to courier delivery jobs to start actualizing their own success.

Freedom to Write Your Schedule

A big part of the attraction is to write your own schedule.

People coming from any number of service, blue collar or white collar industries know that the long hours and lack of connection to others can be both exhausting and isolating.

It’s exhausting to work 10 hour days at a job where your worth is determined by someone else and not necessarily by the work that you do.

Simultaneously, it’s isolating to miss out on family time, occasions with friends and other milestone events because you have to pull a graveyard or swing shift.

Writing your own schedule doesn’t mean you don’t work as much. On the contrary, you may choose to work seven days a week if it’s going to maximize your income.

However, you can bet that you won’t miss your daughter’s birthday, or a rare weekend sitting on the beaches of the AIA strip because you have to work.

Freedom to Leave the Rat Race Behind

Look, I’m not telling you to leave your job and become a courier. But those who do it well won’t miss leaving the corporate rat race behind.

Mindless reports, lateral promotions with increased responsibility and no extra pay, “internships” — all of these are tricks that corporations pull so they get a tax break, don’t have to put in the footwork or pay the piper.

These are what you are leaving behind.

The question that occurs to many people throughout their careers is, “Why am I killing myself making money for someone else when I could be earning solely for me?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question but worried that you don’t have the skillset to freelance admin services or other gigs, courier delivery jobs may be a good option for you to begin to participate in the gig economy.

Soft Skills for Courier Service Jobs

If you’ve read this article and you’re still considering a career as a courier, here are some soft skills you should have before you take your first gig:

  • Listening: this is a key piece to delivering excellent customer service
  • Critical thinking: let’s say your GPS takes you in the wrong direction and now you’re going to be late, critical thinking is a soft skill that can assist you in turning this scenario around
  • Communication: you have to be able to communicate pleasantly and effectively with customers and clients
  • A keen directional sense: importantly, you should know your way around
  • A good driving record: being an excellent and courteous driver is a must

These soft skills may be inherent or can be developed in people who seek a courier career.

Final Thoughts

So, you’re wondering if courier delivery jobs could be the choice to propel you out of the rat race and into the 2018 gig economy?

If you’re unapologetically authentic, relentlessly committed to a high standard of work ethic and do well working unattended, then good news! It may be up your alley.

After all, what’s more American than the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness that comes with a courier gig?

If you’re in the Miami area and wanting to give courier work a shot, apply today!

Last Mile Delivery
Last Mile Delivery

There’s virtually no one in America who hasn’t ordered a product online. If you’ve ever bought something off of Amazon, eBay, or any one of the other e-commerce giants out there, you have undoubtedly gotten an email with your package tracking information.

Perhaps you didn’t pay it much attention, content to let your new item come in its own time. However, the majority of people don’t have that kind of patience.

When that tracking information reads “out for delivery,” it’s officially in the last leg of its race to get to your door. This is called the “last mile.” And last mile delivery is easily the most expensive and inefficient part of the fulfillment stage for any business.

But there are companies working hard to change this. If you’re curious to learn more about last mile delivery, why it’s so inefficient, and the steps that companies are making to change this, read on.

What is the Last Mile

Last mile delivery makes up the movement of your product from the distribution center to the consumer. A distribution center could be anything from a retail store, a rural home, a restaurant, or even a big warehouse.

This is the most important part of the fulfillment process because it’s the part that the customer is most looking forward to.

Not all last mile delivery is the same, either. There’s a big difference in business to business and business to the customer when it comes to this part of the fulfillment process. But just because they are fundamentally very different doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from pretty much the same exact problems.

Why is Last Mile Delivery Inefficient?

Last mile delivery and all of the problems that come along with it have always been around. The biggest problem is in the cost. It’s downright expensive to transport different, unique packages and shipments to specific, unreliable destinations on any random spot on a delivery route.

In order to consolidate costs and save themselves, and their consumer, some money. Their real challenge is to make deliveries that are dense enough to justify delivery.

The carriers who deliver also have to deal with a lot of unpredictability. Often times, customer’s aren’t home at the time of the drop-off or someone steals a package. There’s also the incredible congestion involved in largely populated areas and customer’s expectation of swift, timely, two-day delivery.

It doesn’t matter if your company is directly involved with last mile delivery or not, when that package doesn’t get there, it reflects poorly on your brand and you can bet that people are going to talk about it.

How is Last Mile Delivery Changing?

Businesses are trying to get this leg of the delivery race down to a science. But in recent years, the delivery world has been turned on its head by e-commerce, crowdsourcing, and same-day delivery.

Amazon Prime is a big part of this upheaval. Since 2011, the service has grown an astounding 30%.

Delivering to a residential customer is a lot more expensive and inefficient than delivering to a business. When a carrier has to deliver a single item to an area far out of the way from the other delivery spots, and the resident isn’t even home, it drives up delivery costs.

But still, customers want faster and cheaper (see also: free) delivery service.

Here’s how the industry is changing to make that happen.

1. Faster Fulfillment

Because companies often don’t have any say in how fast or slow the last mile is completed, they put an emphasis on the physical fulfillment process.

There’s a lot of pressure on the fulfillment side of things to get orders filled and turned around so fast that there isn’t even technology that can keep up with it.

What used to be able to take an hour to get out the door now has to be done in a matter of minutes and that causes a big issue when it comes to planning.

2. Gig Economy and Crowdsourcing Apps

The delivery industry is a perfect example of how the gig economy is on the rise. The development of crowdsourcing apps is starting to change the game a bit.

UberRUSH, Postmates, Deliv, and even Amazon Flex provide courier services through independent drivers. They post jobs on their apps and alert the drivers. This may not be the most efficient method of delivery, at least when compared to a set truck route, but it’s speeding up the process and anyone with a car or even a bike can earn a little extra cash.

These services are only available in specific parts of the world, but they’re growing.

3. Legacy Carriers are Evolving

Carriers like USPS are changing with the times. Mail delivery is on the decline but e-commerce package delivery is at an all-time high.

It doesn’t cost much for the USPS to add a package to a delivery because they were already going to be delivering there anyway. It’s much more expensive for UPS and FedEx to make that delivery because it’s a stop that is entirely independent of the rest of their route.

4. Insourced Delivery

A lot of companies are starting to use their own vehicles for the last mile delivery. Take Amazon, for example. They didn’t have clients in the transport business before, but now they are dealing with a co-op with competitors in the regional area. They do this so they can use each other’s transportation assets to complete this final mile.

Getting the Last Mile Delivery Right

Fast, efficient, and inexpensive last mile delivery is on the rise. It’s the most important part of the fulfillment process and unfortunately also the least efficient. As technology develops, we’ll probably see drone delivery and self-driving cars delivering cargo to customers across the world.

If you’re looking for more information about shipping and delivery, visit us today.

shipping liquids

When it comes to shipping liquids, careful and secure packing is key. Improperly packed liquids leak, and leaking can ruin your product and damage other items inside your package. What’s the point of shipping something that won’t make it to your customers? Take a look at these five steps that will let you start packing and shipping liquids safely.

Know What Kinds of Liquids You’re Allowed to Ship

Though couriers will accept most liquids, there are some liquids that are considered dangerous you will be unable to ship. It’s important to check with your local courier if you have any questions about the safety of a liquid.

Many of the liquids couriers don’t accept are substances that contain alcohol. But this doesn’t mean you can’t ship things like beer or wine. These types of beverages are usually accepted.

But other liquids like spirits, vape, aftershave, paints, and even perfumes are considered flammable items. Your courier may not ship these items because they could cause a danger to a carrier.

In most cases, it is illegal to send something that could potentially cause harm to a carrier.

That means other things like bleach, gasoline, nail polish, and poisonous liquids are out too.

Again, it’s important to check with your courier service to find out what liquids are acceptable and which will be turned away.

How to Ship Liquids Safely

There are a few different ways you can ship liquids, but the most important thing to consider is leaks. A liquid that isn’t packaged properly can cause a lot of damage to other items inside a package. In the worst case scenarios, it can even leak through the package and damage other packages.

Besides, what’s the point of shipping an item that will be gone by the time it arrives at its destination?

With that in mind, here are a few tips for packaging and shipping liquids safely.

1. Make Sure the Product Has a Double Seal

A double seal is an extra layer of plastic either around the lid of the bottle or in the shape of a peel-off lid.

These double seals should keep the lid secure, and you won’t need any extra packaging around the bottle itself if it comes with a double seal. If your product doesn’t have a double seal, you should wrap a strip of strong tape around the lid area.

Making sure the lid won’t pop off during shipping is your first step.

2. Put the Liquid in a Waterproof Bag

Place the bottle containing your liquid inside a waterproof bag. If it sticks out of the bag, you need to find a large waterproof bag. The bottle should be completely sealed inside the waterproof bag.

Make sure the waterproof bag is completely closed.

Put Your Bottle (Waterproof Bag and All) in a Second Waterproof Bag

This is the best way to prevent leaking.

Once inside the second waterproof bag, take the tops of both bags and twist them together. You should then fold the twisted tops down over itself a few times and use a strong rubber band to hold the packaging in place.

If you don’t have any rubber bands, you can also use packing tape to keep the bags in place.

(Waterproof bags aren’t hard to find. Most places, including grocery stores, usually sell them).

3. Put Your Packaged Product in a Cardboard Box

Spread a layer of foam peanuts or other packing material on the bottom of the bock. This will protect your product when it’s set on hard surfaces or other boxes.

Once there’s a nice layer on the bottom, place your product in the box and fill any leftover space with more foam peanuts. You should also put another layer of packing material on the top of your package. This will give it a layer of protection if other boxes are set on top of it.

4. Prepare the Box

Tape any seams of your box closed with strong packing tape. This will the lid from opening as it’s handled and shipped.

Keep in mind, one layer of tape might not be enough. If you don’t feel like your box is properly secured after a single layer of tape, add a few other layers for good measure.

5. Mark Your Box

Either using stickers or a permanent marker, make sure you write the words “LIQUID” and “Fragile” on every side of the package. This will let handlers know they must be careful with the box.

Shipping Perishable Liquids

Shipping perishable liquids should be packaged roughly the same, but because they must be kept cold, there will be a few alterations.

When you’re packing a perishable liquid, do everything the same until you’re ready to put your product into the box (sealing it in double waterproof bags).

1. Put Your Liquid in a Styrofoam Cooler

Instead of putting your waterproof bagged liquid directly into your cardboard box, any perishable liquids should go into a styrofoam cooler first. This will insulate the product from the heat and keep it at the temperature it’s supposed to be.

Once inside the cooler, surround the liquid with frozen gel packs. This will both keep it cold and keep it from sliding around inside the cooler.

2. Put the Styrofoam Cooler in a Cardboard Box

Again, make sure there is a layer of foam peanuts or other packing material on the bottom of the box. Then once you put the entire styrofoam cooler in the box, fill the empty space with more foam peanuts.

Make sure the cooler is completely secure inside the box so it won’t move around and damage your product.

Choosing the Right Shipping

While non-perishable liquids may not need any special type of shipping, you’ll want to get same day or overnight shipping for perishable liquids. This will ensure it doesn’t get too warm during shipment and spoil.

Remember, the faster your product reaches its final destination, the lower the risk of damage will be.

Shipping Liquids Safely

Before you start shipping liquids, check with your local courier to make sure they’re able to deliver the product safely. And never go easy on the packaging. Because leaking is a risk, you should always seal your liquid in double waterproof bags and make sure it’s secure inside your cardboard box.

Shipping your products a little farther than the road can take you? Learn when you should use an air courier service.


cold storage warehouse
cold storage warehouse

Warehouses make up a $20 billion industry over the United States. But that’s not just from dry storage. There are some products out there, like perishable food, that can’t survive in normal storage conditions. If you have any products like that, you need to look into getting a cold storage warehouse. This complete cold storage guide will tell you everything you need to know about what cold storage is, what it does, and what kind of products it benefits.

What is Cold Storage?

The only difference between cold storage and dry storage is that cold storage is… cold.

There are a lot of businesses out there that handle perishable or temperature sensitive products. Cold storage warehouses give them a place to store those products safely.

But cold storage services aren’t just a way to store your product, it’s a good way to ship them too. Cold storage services will process, package, and deliver your goods almost anywhere in refrigerated couriers, meaning the temperature stays exactly how it should the whole trip.

Can’t I Just Store My Temperature Sensitive Products in My Own Cold Storage?

If you have a cold storage room in your company building and all your products fit inside, you can keep them there if you prefer. But you’ll still need refrigerated courier vans to transport your goods when it’s time to deliver.

You may be able to get by with your own cold room if your business is small or if you’re just starting out.

A cold storage warehouse comes in when your business starts to grow. At some point, you’ll need more products than you can fit in your cold room. And that’s a good thing!

A bigger business means bigger benefits, including a wider customer base.

You should think of warehouse storage as a tool that will help you continue to grow and expand your business.

How Does Cold Storage Work?

It keeps your products at a set temperature of your choosing, which keeps them fresh and makes them last longer.

For example, say you need to store fresh fruit and vegetables. Keeping them at the right temperature will reduce the risk of damage and extend their shelf life. These same foods stored in a warm environment will mold faster and attract pests.

Perishable foods stored at the wrong temperature will spoil, leading to changes in color, texture, and flavor. Eating food that hasn’t been kept at the right temperature will also increase your chances of getting food poisoning.

Obviously, that isn’t something you want to risk with your products.

What Kind of Items Should Be Kept in a Cold Storage Warehouse

Not just food, if that’s what you’re thinking. All kinds of businesses use cold storage services for all kinds of products.

So before you click out of this article because you think it’s not for you, take a look at some of these other items that benefit from cold storage warehouses.


Unless you live somewhere very cold, your candles shouldn’t be stored in a normal warehouse facility. When the temperature warms up, the candles will start to melt, which can ruin their shapes or mix separate colors together.

If they only need to be stored for a short period of time (and we mean short), you may not need to worry too much about the temperature. But any storage time longer than a few days should warrant using cold storage.

This will help them last longer and keep their unique colors and designs.


Any camera film should be stored in a cold environment. This keeps the film from getting damaged.

Though film isn’t very popular anymore, there are a lot of people out there who still use it. So knowing how to store it correctly could save you a lot of trouble.


Artwork should be kept in a temperature controlled storage facility, especially if they are old pieces. If the art gets too hot, the colors could fade. In some cases, the paint can even start to peel off the canvas.

Again, this may not be a big concern if you’re only storing the paintings for a few days. But long storage times need the right temperatures to preserve the paint.


The cold keeps plants fresh and healthy. Cut flowers, like for a bouquet, last longer in cooler temperatures, which keeps them from withering up.

Even seeds do well in cold storage. If they’re placed in a moisture-proof container the cold will make them last longer than usual.


Cold storage means a longer shelf life for lipstick and a lot of other cosmetics for that matter. When stored this way, they will last longer and stay in better condition.


The same can be said of cologne. It can actually keep its scent for a longer period of time if it is kept in cold storage.

But this does not work the same for perfume. All perfumes should be stored at room temperature. Cold storage won’t do them any good.


Some types of medicine need to be kept cold to ensure they don’t get contaminated. Things like blood samples and other medical supplies must be preserved in cold temperatures to keep them fresh for later testing.

How Can a Cold Storage Warehouse Help You?

There are a lot of different products that need cold storage to stay in good condition. It isn’t just for meats, fruits, and vegetables. And the examples above were just a short list of items that should be stored in temperature controlled environments.

A cold storage warehouse can store your products at the right temperatures and even keep them that way during long trips. This means you don’t have to worry about things like that anymore and can turn your attention back to running your business.

If there’s a way our cold storage services can help you, we would love to talk with you. Contact us and we’ll help you figure out what storage options work best for you.

shipping scams

Online shopping has been skyrocketing year after year thanks to the wide range of products and conveniences it offers. It’s estimated that e-commerce generates over $1 million every 30 seconds. This is a massive amount of money with heavyweights such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart in the lead. But, where there’s money there’s always someone trying to be crafty and exploitative. This is the reason online shopping is tainted by a dark history of frauds and shipping scams. So, how do you stay safe from shipping scams?

This post is going to explore some of the ways to avoid falling into the trap of scammers. Read on to learn more.

1. Search the Company Online

This is an obvious step, but it can be tricky as well. Seasoned scammers are usually willing to create websites that look and feel authentic. They will even add images, reviews, and testimonials to make their sites appear more legitimate.

So, when researching about a company, don’t just check their website. Look at their reviews on Yelp and their BBB profile. Try to find out the number of complaints and negative reviews they have. Most importantly, pay attention to what other customers are saying about them.

Check their online ratings. As a rule of thumb, any service rated three out of five and below is poor service. This will help you to avoid some of the common shipping problems.

2. Determine Their Years of Operation

The number of years a company has been in business can also give you some clues about them. Dropshipping and freight forwarding are some of the businesses that have become easy to start today. Today, anyone with a phone and internet connection can start these businesses.

There are many factors, such as weather conditions, labor strikes, and customs policy changes that affect the shipping industry. A seasoned shipping company will likely know what to do in the event of these circumstances. Plus, they have a track record of successful shipments and package delivery.

If you choose to work with a new company, you might experience several issues, including delays and hidden costs. This what happened to customers who used Medrano Express in Houston and Atlanta. The company was also banned from North Carolina and ordered to refund its customers.

3. Verify the Agent’s Details

In some cases, you can encounter an agent claiming to work for a popular shipping company. In this case, you can use a popular shipping company or freight forwarder, but your money and goods get stolen because you worked with a fake agent.

Before moving forward with an agent, be sure to request their details and verify them with the company they claim to work for. When contacting the shipping company for to verify the details, only use the contact information listed on their website or social media pages. Do not accept any contact details from the agent.

You might also fall victim to a case of identity theft. In this case, an agent can approach you with the details of an actual employee of the company. You want to make sure that the contact details for the person match up with what the shipping company has.

4. Don’t Fall for Scam Emails

This is one of the common shipping scams that many Americans face every day. It’s usually common around the holidays and during shopping seasons, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you’re expecting any packages, you’re a good target for scammers. You’re likely to receive an email that looks like it’s from the U.S Postal Service, FedEx, or DHL. The email can be a notification of package arrival or delivery failure.

It might contain documents that you’re supposed to print and take it to the local postal office. The email may also contain other links that request or confirm your personal and payment information. Some may also tell you to take immediate action to avoid penalties.

Over the years, shipping scam emails have been perfected, so you need to be very careful. Con artists will use names, logos, and other relatable information of a legitimate company.

5. Check for Red Flags

Customers are usually most vulnerable when they’re expecting package delivery. You want to be very cautious when you receive emails, calls, or text message regarding a shipment or package.

  • Verify the email address to ensure it’s the real company
  • Poor grammar and spelling mistakes are red flags
  • Emails with threats for penalties shouldn’t be trusted
  • Emails that lack your package order or tracking code are spams

Most importantly, you need to have the contact details of your shipping company at hand.

6. Sheeping Fees and Money Transfer

Just because a shipping company offers a lower quote than the standard shipping rates, doesn’t mean they’re a good option for you. Absurdly good rates and discounts can also be a red flag, as the con artist wants you to rush the transaction. Keep in mind that shipping rates can’t be the primary determining factor for your choice.

Some services may ask you to send the shipping fees to their preferred shipper. Others will tell you they have a preferred vendor they have worked with for long and you should use them, too. These are cases you should first investigate or avoid all together to avoid getting scammed.

There are also services that will request additional payment for package rerouting. Make sure that a service can ship to your desired address before placing your shipping order.

Shipping Scams – Be Careful!

Online shopping has made things convenient for shoppers. However, it’s growth and popularity has exposed shoppers to a variety of shipping scams. Whenever you shop online or you hire a shipping or courier company, take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure your safety and security.

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable shipping service for air freight, rush courier or luggage delivery, get a quick quote here or contact us for further assistance.

rush delivery
rush delivery

Do you have an urgent package that requires rush delivery? Using a courier service to handle the urgent package is an easy and affordable way to ensure it’s delivered fast and on time. Despite the fact that mail volume has dropped in recent years, demand for couriers is forecasted to grow between now and 2026.

That’s because more companies are recognizing the additional value these services provide compared to traditional shipping methods. If you have important paperwork that needs to be delivered immediately, use a courier service. Courier services are great for e-commerce businesses, too.

Keep reading to learn how to manage your urgent packages through a courier service.

What Is a Courier Service?

When you think of a courier service, you probably think of someone riding a bicycle through downtown streets, weaving in between cars.

Courier services have evolved from that image. They look and act professional, and they’re fast.

Courier services can even be used when you travel.

They deliver important documents door to door. You can also use the services for sending packages. The good news is that with a courier service, you don’t have to rely on standard mail or three-day shipping to get your package sent quickly.

Benefits of Using a Courier Service

There are many options available for shipping products. There’s overnight shipping, same-day shipping, three-day shipping. Instead of relying on traditional shipping methods to get your packages delivered, consider working with a courier service.

These are the main reasons why you want to use a courier service.

Save Your Time and Your Money

Are you in a situation where you have documents that need to be delivered immediately? You can’t afford to leave the office because of time constraints, yet this needs to get delivered somehow.

You could send an employee out to make the delivery, but that means an added liability to your business if something happens. You’re also paying the employee’s hourly rate to deliver that package, plus mileage.

That’s when you contact a courier service.


Would you like to have peace of mind knowing that you can count on a courier service that can pick up a package within an hour if necessary?

Courier services offer incredible flexibility in when your package gets picked up, and when your package gets delivered.

Shipping companies can’t give that kind of assurances. The best they usually do is a three-hour window where they pick up or deliver your package.

In those times when you just can’t afford to wait around, you’re better off calling a courier service.


Packages that go through courier services have limited handling. That means that there aren’t that many people that handle your package. Sometimes, only one person is handling your delivery.

There are extra care and accountability that goes into handling your packages. You can be assured that your package will arrive safely.

Affordable Rush Delivery

Have you ever had a document rushed using a standard shipping company? It can cost quite a bit, and you can expect rates to increase in 2018.

A courier service usually has less operational costs, which means those savings are passed on to customers.

Easy to Use

It doesn’t get any easier than scheduling a pickup online, receiving your quote, and placing an order.

Should there be a last-minute change to your order, you can pick up the phone to call the service and make the change.

You can’t do that with other shipping companies. They don’t have that type of flexibility.

Plus, most courier services are available after hours and on weekends.

Make a Great Impression of Your Business

We live in a world of instant gratification where anything we need is available with the click of a button. This has caused customer expectations to be incredibly high.

Usually, when customers order products online, they get delivered in a few days.

Imagine if your customers order a product online and it gets delivered the same day by a professional, uniformed driver.

You’ll exceed customer expectations, build trust and credibility for your business.

Your customers will be likely to order from you again because items were delivered so quickly.

Perfect Solution for Multiple Location Businesses

Do you have a franchise or multiple business locations?

There can be added headaches getting important documents from one office to another. Courier services can take care of that for you, without the need of driving documents between locations yourself.

Manage Your Rush Delivery

With a courier service, you have many options available to manage your urgent packages. Your situation will determine which option is the best for you. These examples are all services provided by ASAP Courier & Logistics.

You can schedule when your package will be delivered.

There’s a service that will deliver your package the next day by 5:00 p.m.

If you need same day service, that is available provided your package is picked up by 10:30 am.

There’s also a rush service that picks up your package in an hour and delivers within three or four hours, depending on the county where it needs to be delivered.

If you need something that is very urgent, there’s the super rush service that picks up your package within an hour and delivers directly to the destination.

Are you working on a project until midnight that needs to be physically delivered across the country by 9 am the next day? You don’t have the option to email it, you can’t call the post office or any other shipping company.

You can call a courier service like ASAP Courier & Logistics. We can pick up your package, put on the next flight and have it delivered to the top 50 markets in the U.S.

Handle Your Rush Delivery Packages with Ease

It can be incredibly stressful to have a package that needs to be delivered immediately.

A courier service is an affordable option that gives you peace of mind. You know that your package is in excellent hands, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

With ASAP Courier & Logistics service, your urgent package delivery isn’t limited to cross-town deliveries. We can get your urgent package delivered to any destination.

If you’re in South Florida, contact us to get your rush delivery quote today.

courier tracking
courier tracking

In days past, if you were waiting for a package, you had to hope it arrived exactly where it needed to be. This was a very unreliable system which led to anxious waits and uncertainty on both ends. Nowadays, courier tracking has changed this issue. In China alone, 100 million packages are delivered each day, each having to reach its designated recipient. This is entirely possible because of tracking. It’s completely revolutionized not only how parcels are delivered but also how couriers interact with customers. Want to find out more about this type of tracking? In this post, we’ll reveal how it can get deliveries to you the same day and reasons you should trust it with your next delivery.

What Is Courier Tracking?

First things first. Courier tracking involves putting some sort of identification on a package before it is sent off by a courier service. This is usually in the form of a barcode. Not only does this allow the courier to keep track of where the package must go, but it allows you to know exactly where your package is at all times.

What Are the Steps to Courier Tracking?

There are a few steps when it comes to same-day courier deliveries.

Step 1: Make the Order

The first step is to arrange for the delivery with your local courier tracking service. This can be done over the phone or online. You can specify any details, including how you want it delivered, where it needs to go, and what time you want it to arrive. Around this time, you will receive a tracking number or code. This code is very important for later steps, so be sure to keep it somewhere safe and accessible.

Step 2: Attach the Tracking Device

Before it’s delivered anywhere, a tracking device is attached to the parcel. This allows any courier who comes in contact with the parcel to scan it and receive data on it.

This data includes the delivery address and other important information needed to get your package delivered on time. It allows anyone handling the package to update the order as it goes through the delivery process.

For example, once the order has been collected and placed on the delivery truck, they can change the status of the delivery from “order not yet collected” to “order in transit.”

You can monitor this part of the delivery yourself too. By inputting the tracking number you were given onto the courier’s website, you can see where your package is in the delivery process.

Step 3: Courier Takes the Delivery

Once the device has been attached, the package can begin its delivery to your destination.

Although it’s on its way to you, there’s still a way you can monitor your package. Some courier services have satellite navigation systems on their vans or trucks which allows you to know with high accuracy where they are.

Other couriers allow you to tell them the best routes to take and times to drive so your delivery won’t get stuck in traffic. This way, you can be sure your package will reach you on time.

Step 4: Receive Your Same Day Delivery

When your package finally gets into your hands, you need to sign off for it. Once this is complete, the courier will scan your parcel for the final time.

This sends information to the tracking system to let it know that the parcel has successfully arrived and been signed for.

Some courier services may ask you to fill out a review to tell them how the service went.

What Are the Benefits of Courier Tracking?

There are several major benefits to using a courier tracking service for your same day deliveries.

1. Get an Instant Quote Anytime of the Day

When you want to get a quote, know that a professional courier service will provide you with one whenever you need it.

2. Delivery Confirmation Every Step of the Way

By tracking your courier service, you can know exactly where your package is from the moment it leaves its origin point to when it arrives in your hands.

If something happens to your parcel, it is a lot easier to find it. The courier service can look up its last destination point and start searching from that point.

3. Know Your Package Will Be Delivered On Time, When You Need It

Whether you have a commercial or personal delivery, a professional courier tracking service gives you peace of mind. You know your package will arrive on time.

For a business, you can be sure your client receives their package on time. As a sender or receiver of an important item or gift, using a courier delivery service means you have nothing to worry about.

Approximately one billion re-delivery attempts are made annually in North America. To avoid having your package included in this number, be sure to organize a suitable delivery time with a courier service today.

How Can You Track Your Courier?

Your package will have a barcode on it for tracking, but what will you have on your end?

There are a few different ways you can track your courier service. Some of these options include specialty courier tracking apps or computer software.

Some professional courier delivery services have their own special tracking service. Simply type in the tracking number and you can receive instant information on where your order is and how long before it reaches you.

Start Using Same Day Courier Tracking Right Now

If you need a package delivered from point A to point B, you can start having it moved right now. All you have to do is ask for the help of a professional courier delivery service.

Not only will they provide you with exemplary service, but they will let you know where your delivery is every step of the way.

For more information or to get your instant quote, click here.

Connecticut Courier
Connecticut Courier

Streamlining the shipping process is often one of the trickiest parts of the ecommerce world. Any number of problems can crop up between the purchase and delivery of the final product. In fact, poor delivery services is a concern for online shoppers. According to a 2014 study, 19 percent of consumers complained about late arrivals. One out of 10 said their delivery was left outside without their permission, and 12 percent said their order never arrived at all. Are you looking for an easy way to ensure your packages arrive at their destination? Consider using a Connecticut courier for your shipping needs. Keep reading for six reasons why you should schedule your deliveries online with a local courier.

1. You Can Streamline Your Entire Delivery Process

Knowing exactly when a package has to arrive can streamline your entire logistics process. That’s because couriers need a firm pick-up time for every shipment. When that hour arrives, you know your goods need to be ready to go out. Working against firm pick-up times can help you prioritize each task that goes into a shipment. Connecticut Couriers are also more likely to work around your particular demands than another shipping service. If you need to keep odd hours or you have particular shipping needs, a courier can help.

2. Scheduling Reduces the Risk of Package Theft

Package theft is a big concern, especially during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it’s becoming an increasingly common trend. According to CNBC, one in 10 U.S. adults say they’ve had a package stolen. The problem is especially severe in rural areas, where thieves can approach houses without worrying about nearby neighbors spotting them. In many cases, consumers blame retailers for not doing more to prevent theft. Some requested that companies provide more discreet packaging or online GPS tracking to cut down on stolen deliveries. Others said retailers should provide package theft insurance to protect them if their delivery is stolen.

All of those solutions can mean big investment on your part. One of the easiest–and most affordable–ways you can prevent theft is to schedule a delivery time for your package. That way, you can be sure the recipient will be home to receive their delivery. Providing a firm time window for deliveries is more convenient for consumers, too.

3. You Can Schedule a Pick Up During Odd Hours

Sometimes you need to send a package out after business hours, on the weekend, or during a holiday. At those times, other shipping services aren’t likely to be a big help. Couriers, however, are nearly always available for a pick up. If you need to schedule a pick up at midnight on a Sunday, chances are your local courier will be up to the task.

This works well for unplanned emergencies, but some businesses rely on being able to ship goods any time of night. If you have equipment that needs to arrive before the first shift begins at a factory, for example, a Connecticut  courier can help. Scheduling your odd hour deliveries ahead of time can help you make sure they’re not forgotten.

4. Save Money on Your Shipping Costs

Couriers can often provide better, more personalized shipping services at a better price point than larger companies. If you try to schedule a last-minute shipment with another service, they’re likely to charge you a premium price. Couriers, on the other hand, build their business on handling rush shipping. They can tap into their existing network to move your delivery as fast and efficiently as possible.

Couriers can even handle bulky shipments or packages with special care instructions. Scheduling your shipments online also means you don’t have to maintain a staff or vehicles to move your goods. Outsourcing your logistics can save you time, too. Most online couriers offer free price quotes before you agree to ship with them. That way, you can compare services before you choose a service for your shipping needs.

5. A Local Courier Can Protect Your Urgent, Sensitive Deliveries

If you’re sending an urgent delivery that absolutely cannot be lost–think contracts and legal documents–you should schedule services with a courier. That’s not the only time a courier is a better choice than a big shipping chain. If you’re sending particularly valuable goods, you can cut down on the number of people handling your package by using a courier. Instead of sending it through a large logistics chain, you can trust one company to get it where it needs to go. Delicate goods benefit from that, too. And, when it comes to shipping perishable goods, a courier can make the difference between a package arriving fresh or a little past its expiration date.

6. You Can Really Rush a Delivery by Using a Local Courier

Countless online retailers offer free or reduced two-day shipping for their customers. Couriers can do them one better. They offer scheduled, two-day, and same-day shipping. For the truly rushed, most couriers even offer same-hour delivery to clients. That could be a huge plus if you’re dealing with time-sensitive materials. Legal documents that need to arrive in a courtroom as soon as possible, emergency parts deliveries, and business contracts featuring last-minute changes could all benefit from the speed of a courier. If you need a package to get to its destination as fast as humanly possible, schedule it with a courier service.

Schedule Your Deliveries Online With ASAP Courier

Expressway Courier is the top local courier in the Connecticut areas. We offer a range of professional courier services, including rush services, warehouse storage, air freight, refrigerated shipping, and–of course–scheduled deliveries. Using our simple online form, you can enter your address, delivery address, and package information to generate a free price quote before you ship. You can schedule your deliveries over a month in advance. And you can choose your pick up time down to the day and hour your package is ready to go out.

Ready to get started? Contact our office today.

shipping boxes
shipping boxes

Courier services are something we take for granted every single day. With Amazon Prime able to handle shipping boxes to our doorstep in under 48 hours, we seem to just assume that quick delivery is the way things have always been. But have you ever stopped to consider the history of courier services? Where did this system originate, and how did it evolve into the massive economy it is today? In this article, we’ll go over the unique and fanciful history of how the human race gets items from Point A to Point B.

Where Courier Services Began

Courier services have evolved from carrier pigeons and horseback mailmen to air freight shipping and drone monitored delivery.

Early Courier Services: A Trusted Delivery Person

Before the middle of the 19th century, you’d simply pay a courier to take your package to its destination. The courier would drop it off in a central location for the recipient to pick up and then be on his way.

Basically, you had to hope you’d come across someone who was making the journey to wherever your mail needed to go.

Mail was not as much of a necessity the further back in time you go. People did not spread out as much and usually did not have business or family in faraway places. You normally wouldn’t need to communicate with someone who was that far out of your home range.

If you couldn’t travel there by foot or by horse or donkey, you probably wouldn’t go. Thus, the likelihood that you’d need to send a message that far away was unlikely.

Then the Gold Rush happened and things got (a little) more advanced.

Pony Express

One of the earliest delivery methods was the pony express, which was built to connect the populated East Coast to the wild frontier of the West Coast. It was the first and earliest form of today’s more modern mail service.

With hoards of people heading to California hoping to strike it rich, the nation had to find a way to connect the two very far sides of the United States. Business was to be conducted on both shores, and people needed to communicate despite the vast distance.

Flyers advertising this early letter delivery service boasted that they could get a letter from New York to San Francisco in just 10 days.

You’d drop off your mail before a certain cutoff time, then a delivery person on horseback would make sure your letter got to the other side of the country as quickly as possible.

The pony express consisted of riders who were positioned all the way across the 2,000 miles from sea to shining sea. The way it worked was that riders would switch horses every 15-20 miles in order to accomplish the delivery as quickly as they could. The chain of riders operated across the entire country.

Once the telegraph was invented and messages could be delivered with far greater speed, the popularity of the pony express declined.

Time Marches On

Eventually, with the development of the nation’s railroad systems, mail grew to be a bit faster and more efficient. Mail could be packed onto trains and make it to faraway places in a short amount of time.

Usually, these items were safer along the journey because they were not exposed to the elements and did not have to sit under the care of just one horseback rider.

Still, everything west of the Mississippi was considered to be the Wild West. Conditions were unpredictable, so you never really knew when your mail would arrive–if it got there at all.

As times changed and human needs evolved, shipping methods grew more and more reliable and speedy.

Is There a History of Shipping Boxes?

This is another thing people usually don’t stop to consider.

Have we always done things this way? What did we do before we could simply ship boxes to each other?

The way things used to work is that all items had to be hand delivered. With no postal service to speak of, you had to hope you knew someone heading in the direction of wherever you wanted your delivery to go.

There was no way to simply be shipping boxes around the world. You had to wrap up your parcels and entrust them to someone who would give you their word when it came to delivery.

It would take days, if not weeks or months, before your items would arrive at their destination.

And if you expect a reply? Well, that’ll be another few months. From letters to tangible goods, delivering things to recipients far away took as long as the trek there.

Shipping boxes did not come around until delivery methods got more quick and reliable. People began to have a need to ship items back and forth across vast distances.

No longer did people just need to send letters–instead, maybe they sent a scarf to their family member in California for Christmas. Or maybe they’d some souvenirs back home to their grandmother.

Shipping boxes instead of just letters didn’t come around until people began to truly spread out and settle far from friends, family, and people they knew.

Looking for Courier Services in the Modern Age?

We sure have come a long way since the early days of item transportation and delivery.

From carrier pigeons to shipping boxes using drones and robots, humankind has figured out a way to make very speedy deliveries anywhere on planet Earth.

In today’s modern world, customers expect efficiency and reliability from all shipping services. You have to be able to trust that your shipping or courier service will deliver your item to its appropriate recipient, both safely and on time.

If you’re looking for courier services you can trust for shipping boxes, you’ve come to the right place.

No matter if you need to ship refrigerated items or just send a package on a super rushed delivery schedule, please contact us today. We can provide you with a quote describing how long it will take to deliver your item and at what cost.