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Ah! Peanuts Everywhere! What to Do with Those Leftover Packing Peanuts

April 16, 2019 Courier

They come in everything from electronics packaging to toy boxes, and they pose a bit of a problem. Once all the presents are opened, what do you do with the seventeen gallons of packing peanuts you have on your hands?

You may know that packing peanuts aren’t very good for the environment; they’re made of plastic, so they don’t biodegrade. If you’re looking for ways to avoid throwing away so many packing peanuts, we have some great ideas for you. Read on to learn how you can reuse those packing peanuts around the house.

Save Your Fingers

If you’re driving in a tiny nail, such as a finishing nail, there’s no way to avoid hitting your fingers. The nail is too short, and if you want to get it in, you’re going to wind up smashing your fingers a few times. But packing peanuts can protect your finishing job and your poor thumbnail.

Stick the nail through a packing peanut before you start driving it in. Then you can hold onto the peanut while you’re nailing it in, avoiding smashing your fingers. Once the nail is in, pull the peanut off and drive the nail the rest of the way in.

Keep Clean Hands

If you don’t like using nails at all on household projects, you may turn to glue instead. And if you’re using wood glue, you have to spread it across the whole surface to ensure a good bond. Ideally, you’re supposed to use a small foam brush or roller to do this, but most of us wind up using our hands.

Packing peanuts can keep you from having to spend a fortune on tiny brushes or peeling glue off your hands for hours. Use the peanut to smear the glue in an even layer across your surface. Then you can throw it away without having to worry about cleaning the glue out of it!

Protect Your Tools

There are few things worse than reaching into a tool bag in search of a hammer and jamming your finger onto the end of a screwdriver. But most of us are not going to take the time to buy little protector caps for all our tools (except for chisels). The good news is that packing peanuts can save both your tools and your fingers from the depths of a tool bag.

For small tools such as screwdrivers and punches, you can stick a packing peanut on the end of the tool. It will help cushion and protect it from getting dulled in the bag, and it will keep you from getting stabbed. These will wear out over time, so you’ll want to replace them periodically.

Use Them as Spacers

If you have a picture frame or mirror with a less-than-perfect back, it can leave huge scratches on your wall. Some companies sell spacers that you can stick to the back of the frame to hold it away from the wall. But if you don’t want to spend money on those, packing peanuts can do the job well.

Grab a few packing peanuts and glue them to the back of your frame near each corner. If they are thick enough to show from the side, cut them in half lengthwise before you glue them on. And, voila, you have spacers that didn’t cost you a dime and will keep your walls pristine!

Refill a Beanbag Chair

Beanbag chairs are wonderful things, but as anyone who’s ever had one will know, those little foam pellets break down over time. The more you sit in the chair, the more deflated it becomes. Eventually, you’re just sitting on the ground thinking longingly of the great beanbag chair you once had.

Once again, packing peanuts come to your rescue; these little guys can be used to refill a beanbag chair. Check to see if your chair has a zipper, and if it does, open it and stuff in enough peanuts to restore it to its squishy glory. If not, carefully open the beanbag along a seam, and be sure to sew it securely shut when you’re done.

Help Out Screws

One of the most frustrating things in home repair is having a screw that’s too small for a hole. Maybe you drilled your pilot hole a little too big, or maybe the hole has worn out with time and use. Either way, your options are to fill in the hole with putty and redrill it or move the hole, and neither of those are very good.

With packing peanuts, though, you don’t have to worry about a better place to put a screw hole. Before you drill the screw back in, stick a packing peanut into the hole. When you drill in the screw, it will fill up the extra space and grip the threads on the screw, keeping that fixture secure.

Use Them in Planters

If you’re a gardener, you know it’s important for plants to get plenty of drainage. The usual method by which you make sure plants in large pots get that drainage is to fill the bottom with rocks. But it doesn’t take very many rocks before a planter becomes hard to move if needed.

Packing peanuts can lighten your load and make sure your plants get the drainage they need. Next time you’re potting a plant, put some packing peanuts in the bottom before your soil goes in. They’ll make sure the soil drains well, and if they’re the white or pink peanuts, they won’t break down with time.

Get Better Packing Peanuts

Piles of packing peanuts can seem like a nuisance, but with the right perspective, they can be a great household tool. You’ll do a little to save the planet, save some money, and solve problems around the house all in one go!

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