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5 Reasons to Consider Courier Service Jobs

August 3, 2018 Courier

Courier service jobs are a growing part of the gig economy that is empowering modern day workers.

There are a number of reasons why someone might consider courier service jobs to expand their freelance portfolio, or make the switch to working for themselves.

Working for yourself isn’t easy no matter what method you choose. But the reason courier delivery jobs are so appealing to people who are looking to branch out, comes down to one word: freedom.

To learn more about how a courier job could change your quality of life, keep reading.

Freedom to Set Your Income

In a traditional job, you are told your worth by those who employ you. Making your monthly bills means finding a job that provides for you.

If you’ve worked in a position for some time, and decide it’s time for a raise because of any number of scenarios like growing your family or increased debt, there is no guarantee you will get it.

When you work courier jobs you determine how much work you can handle and how much income you make.

This puts you at the center of your destiny.

Freedom to Self-Manage

Another freedom that couriers experience is the freedom to self-manage.

Who hasn’t been in a situation where they are being micro-managed by a mid-level shill breathing down their neck?

For people who don’t do well in heavily managed environments becoming a courier is a trade that doesn’t require much in terms of unique skills or training.

Courier jobs can be a full-time income or a part-time way to make extra cash.

When you manage your own workday you have the freedom to adjust based on your needs.

Another bonus is that you don’t have to rely on others to get the job done. Quite the opposite, it’s a great job for those among us who prefer to work alone.

Food delivery courier jobs translate well to those people who are career hospitality workers.

In those jobs, career people might feel let down or put out by high-school aged workers who don’t show up for shifts or don’t yet know how to be a good employee.

This puts more stress on “lifers” who are just trying to get the job done to a high standard of quality and get paid.

In a self-managing role like a courier job, if you’re upset with the quality of work you have no one to blame but yourself. This is appealing to some people who, quite frankly, don’t do well working in diverse groups.

Freedom to Be Yourself

We’d like to think we’ve come along way as a society, as far as acceptance is concerned, but the corporate world still has a ways to go.

In a business climate where being “too unique”, “too confident”, “too female”, “too ethnic”, “too blue collar”, “too millennial” or any other number of “too’s” can give you whiplash from hitting the glass ceiling, it’s refreshing to be able to work for yourself and make money.

After all, America was founded on bootstraps stories, the likes of which are hard to come by today.

Individuals looking to create their own story and wealth only have to look to courier delivery jobs to start actualizing their own success.

Freedom to Write Your Schedule

A big part of the attraction is to write your own schedule.

People coming from any number of service, blue collar or white collar industries know that the long hours and lack of connection to others can be both exhausting and isolating.

It’s exhausting to work 10 hour days at a job where your worth is determined by someone else and not necessarily by the work that you do.

Simultaneously, it’s isolating to miss out on family time, occasions with friends and other milestone events because you have to pull a graveyard or swing shift.

Writing your own schedule doesn’t mean you don’t work as much. On the contrary, you may choose to work seven days a week if it’s going to maximize your income.

However, you can bet that you won’t miss your daughter’s birthday, or a rare weekend sitting on the beaches of the AIA strip because you have to work.

Freedom to Leave the Rat Race Behind

Look, I’m not telling you to leave your job and become a courier. But those who do it well won’t miss leaving the corporate rat race behind.

Mindless reports, lateral promotions with increased responsibility and no extra pay, “internships” — all of these are tricks that corporations pull so they get a tax break, don’t have to put in the footwork or pay the piper.

These are what you are leaving behind.

The question that occurs to many people throughout their careers is, “Why am I killing myself making money for someone else when I could be earning solely for me?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question but worried that you don’t have the skillset to freelance admin services or other gigs, courier delivery jobs may be a good option for you to begin to participate in the gig economy.

Soft Skills for Courier Service Jobs

If you’ve read this article and you’re still considering a career as a courier, here are some soft skills you should have before you take your first gig:

  • Listening: this is a key piece to delivering excellent customer service
  • Critical thinking: let’s say your GPS takes you in the wrong direction and now you’re going to be late, critical thinking is a soft skill that can assist you in turning this scenario around
  • Communication: you have to be able to communicate pleasantly and effectively with customers and clients
  • A keen directional sense: importantly, you should know your way around
  • A good driving record: being an excellent and courteous driver is a must

These soft skills may be inherent or can be developed in people who seek a courier career.

Final Thoughts

So, you’re wondering if courier delivery jobs could be the choice to propel you out of the rat race and into the 2018 gig economy?

If you’re unapologetically authentic, relentlessly committed to a high standard of work ethic and do well working unattended, then good news! It may be up your alley.

After all, what’s more American than the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness that comes with a courier gig?

If you’re in the Miami area and wanting to give courier work a shot, apply today!